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Can I set a different payment method for each product?

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Can I set different payment methods for each product?


For example:
・When purchasing product A, you can choose both payment method A and payment method B.
・When you purchase product B, you can only choose payment method B.
・If you buy product A and product B at the same time, you can only choose the payment method A.


If anyone knows, please let me know.

Thank you.

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did anyone ever contact you about this request?

I have the same quesiton.

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Sorry for the late reply.

It doesn't seem to be possible with the Shopify standard plan. I also contacted several developers, and the responses were largely:
・Need to customize Checkout function
・You must have a Shopify premium plan to customize the Checkout screen.
・Development costs are very high

So I gave up.
I hope it will be helpful for you.