Can Paypal be limited to purchases under a certain value?

Can Paypal be limited to purchases under a certain value?

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Hello is it possible to have Paypal enabled but have it so that products only under a certain value can be purchased using paypal ? Anything higher then utilises stripe payments.

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That would only be possible using Shopify Scripts, which is only available on Shopify Plus.

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Hi @NumeroUno,


Fantastic question! But @ThomasBorowski mentioned, it is possible by only using Shopify Scripts on the Shopify Plus plan


Scripts can be quite complex and difficult to navigate if you're not too familiar, so if you are thinking of moving to the Plus plan to do this, I would strongly suggested talking to @ThomasBorowski or another Shopify Expert in advance to make sure you know about everything before diving in. 


Outside of that, once you have a live gateway on your store, it's possible for any customer to checkout using it if it's available to them in their region. 

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