Can't Issue Store Credit To Customer Accounts? What?

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I have been looking on the forums for half an hour now and to my bewilderment, I believe I am seeing that Shopify does not have any sort of Store Credit functionality? How is that even possible considering how many merchandise-type stores must be built with Shopify. Does anyone know if this is correct, and if so, if there is an App? I would need my customers to be able to maintain a rolling Store Credit balance that they could use all, or a portion of, as a checkout payment method.


And please don't mention the "gift card" option. That is in no way the same thing.

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Hi Greengoblin37,

Britton here with the Shopify support team.

You are quite correct that there is no way to associate store credit with customer accounts at the present time. In fact, the only way to have multiple payment methods in the way that you describe for an online order is to use a gift card at the moment. You already seem to be familiar with the idea of using gift cards for store credit though so I won't go through it again here.

I can see why this would be a useful feature though so I am going to pass it along for you as a feature request.

I hope that helps to shed some light on the situation!


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...yikes. Is there an app then anyone knows about? I find this to be pretty shocking. Every single retail store I can think of ever, has and uses store credit balances for its customers on returns or purchased items, yet somehow this is not an inherent capability within Shopify? A web design platform specifically geared towards... "shopping"?

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This is a huge issue for us as well. We are an online clothing boutique that does more than 16,000 orders a MONTH. We have returns come in and only issue "store credit" not refunds. We issue a lot of gift cards. This is one reason we are looking at other platforms. 

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It's entirely bonkers. I feel I need to start looking for another platform as well. Really wish I had known this before I spent thousands building up my site. Don't even get me started on the inability to add filters to the search results page...

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Since this post is few months old, I would just like to know if shopify was smart enough to develop the functionalirty of store credit already or no?

Store credits is a huge deal for us and its something we can't alternate with gift certificates. I can't believe a store like shopify failed to deliver on it. Its one of the main reason I am inclined to search for other platforms providing full functionalities.

Is it possible to get this feature custom built on the platform, like an app or editing the code?

If anyone was able to find their way around store credits (besides gift certificates) please let us know.



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It's embarassing. One of the most common sense required functionalities in retail and a web platform called SHOPIFY can't even offer it. I have a friend who is a Shopify expert that helped build by site. He says almost all of his customers find this to be a hurdle and that Shopify refuses to fix it because they look at everything and say "Will this make us more money?". In hindsight, I wish I never built this site through Shopify. It makes retail stores with numerous products and customer exchanges/sales almost impossible to manage. I'm at the point now where I am just going to turn my store off and save the monthly fee. It doesn't do what I need and they don't offer a way to fix it.


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Hey there,

This is Oswald, a Guru here at Shopify!

Thank you all for the feedback! We can certainly understand the use-case for store credit to be attached to customer accounts for in-store returns and even the option to be used online. 

We are also merchants and our focus is on making commerce better for everyone. We are constantly working on making the platform better for merchants because what is bet for you is best for us. 

The options for the POS store credit is currently to either have an in-store system or put the funds onto a gift card which we do recognize that it is not the best solution for every merchant.

For reference, the pos process for exchanging an item or refunding an order to a gift card can be found below:

As Britton mentioned previously it has been brought up with our developers and as soon as we have an update we will certainly let our merchants know! :)


Oswald | Shopify Guru

Oswald | Shopify 
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The response to this is a broken record. "Yes, we understand the common sense need for store credit balances. Now instead of fixing it, take a look at our gift card option instead!"

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Hey All, I just got beta approval from Shopify for an in-store credit management service called Rewardify. It uses in-store credit at the core of an incentive platform.  You don't need to use the incentive options if you dont want to, you can handle credit manually. Your customers can redeem their instore credit for a discount on their own time with an automatically integrated UI that is very minimalistic, unobstrusive, and easily customisable.  

Because I just received beta approval.. if there are any shop owners interested in helping with the beta to solidify the benefits of the service, I would be happy to provide upto 1 year of complementary service based on usage. The beta period is at most 3 months. Contact me at lets chat about what Rewardify can do for you. 


Reward yourself and your Customers.