Canada based shipping with negotiated UPS rate, how'd you go about implementing it?

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Long story short, been on Shopify for 4 years, capped out my Canada Post discount ages ago, finally got sick of the luke warm delivery times and $6 upcharge for a tracking code on a 14 day delivery window.  Luckily I've secured a nice volume amount and reached out directly to UPS, negotiated a fixed rate.  They had told me Shopify has some sort of exclusive arrangement with Canada Post which is why the native integration with UPS that the Americans get isnt available to us, which seems to line up with what Canada Post has told me themselves.  I charge flat rate shipping so I don't need anything on the API side of things, just looking for an easy way to purchase labels using my UPS account and its discounted rate without having to copy and paste the entire address manually.  When I was speaking to them they said the UPS Marketplace feature on their site would work for exporting customer addresses but its giving me a message saying its not available to me (could be a regional thing, I live in a semi-smallish city).  I dont care if its a paid app or some other work around as long as I get access to my proper discount and my volume is credited properly.   Anyhow if someone's navigated this in the past id appreciate any insight. 


Be fantastic if Shopify would give me even half of the features people 4 hours away from me have access to.  Bit ironic considering Shopify is a Canadian company. lol

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Hello @Alex_SWS,

 You can use an automated shipping app like the Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app that can manage the orders by generating shipping labels for all the top carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and many more with a single click.

You can configure your own UPS account with negotiated rates and use these rates to generate shipping labels. If required, you can also set up the app to generate shipping labels automatically. The app helps you display real-time shipping rates from all the carriers and automatically choose the cheapest shipping service to generate and print the label. 

Along with these features, the app automates order tracking by sending live tracking update to the customer via email.

You can try the app with a 14-day free trial and contact the support for any assistance required. You can check out more features here.

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This is an accepted solution.

I solved the problem.  I'll leave it on here in case anyone finds this down the road in a similar situations.


Turns out UPS Marketplace is a region specific system and I was trying to access the US portal from the main website, which was why it wasnt working.  Theres actually a Canadian version of platform with a different link, was able to get it off my sales associate who helped me setup the account.  To get it to work I had to add a custom app to my shopify and link their API on my end, was fairly easy and straight forward to do.  Theres a small tutorial on how to do it once you add shopify in their system, and if you have even a modest understanding of the shopify UI you won't have any problems.  At first it wasn't loading orders, turns out you need to grand them access to the shipping section of the store, as well as permissions to change order status's (im assuming this is to mark them as shipping and automate the email to your customers)


If i had to guess, this is probably how all the 3rd party apps do it.  Wouldn't surprise me if they are charging a service subscription just to do the backend work of linking your shopify account to an already established 3rd party platform like UPS marketplace.  Anyhow hopefully this helps someone down the road.