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Cash App Payment

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Hi all,


Anyone know if Cashapp ( is going to be available as a Shopfy payment? I had a customer as if it was a way they could pay. Personally, I don't know it (based in UK) but wondered if anyone knew if it was possible to add or if something that might be happening in the future.


Cheers, Matt 

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Yes, I was able to add Cash App (and Venmo) to my shop.  You'll need to create a Cash App account first.  Then, under manual payments, you can provide your Cash App name in the top box (This displays your Cash App username to the customer as they're making their payment.  The second box displays to the customer once they've completed their payment).  You'll be notified via Cash App that you've received a payment.  Until then, I would not fulfill any orders.


Hope this helps!

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yes you Definately Can... i just shot a video tutorial showing how to do it.. here you go

let me know if this helped you!

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the video is a private one cannot access...

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When we click the link, it takes us to a blank page.