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Change the payment options on my check out page.

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Hello all,


Does anyone know if you can change the order of the payment options?


Now its:


Credit Card




But I want:




Credit Card


I have a dutch public and in the Netherlands they don't use Credit Cards that much so thats why i want to change the order.


Kind Regards,


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Yes, It's possible but, you must have Shopify Plus account to do it.

There is Shopify app called "Script Editor" which allow to reorder payment method listing on checkout. This app is only available to Shopify Plus customers.

Let me know if you have Shopify Plus account and need any help.


Thank you,


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Likewise I would like to change the order of payment options. I see many threads of request for this and suggestions to request this as a new facility without having to upgrade to Shopify Plus.

It's not hard to implement and it is important in my local business.


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Hi Shopify, 

I'd like to request for this basic and important feature too...

Please work on this! Thank you.

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Found a solution! Won't work for every scenario, but if there's only like one or two you want to push to the top, what I did was simply add a space to the title of the manual payment method when you are creating it.

I only have 3 manual payment methods so it was easier for me to implement. Just deleted the middle one I wanted bumped to the top (since you can't edit the name/title of it) and recreated it, but this time with a space in front and voila, it now appears on top even though it starts with a C, and the next option starts with an A (I think the default is alphabetical order).

Hope this helps someone out there! I don't normally log in to leave comments like this, but this issue was really bothering me and I'm sure other sellers out there are effected by it as well.