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Checkout Currency issue?

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So customers can select their currency (default is CAD). I also have GEO location active to prompt them to change currency. I also have currency rounding turned on. My shop is fairly young and so far all my US customers have changed their currency before checkout and everything has gone through beautifully. However I had one today that did not. And the prices were off. The US customer ordered items that were $14 CAD (which payment came through as $14.64 CAD) and other items which were $12 CAD (which payment came through as $13.31 CAD). She checked out via paypal. I'm assuming because she did not change the currency on my site and checked out via paypal with CAD (where she let paypal do a conversion for her to pay in USD) so it threw it back to me at paypals exchange rate? I'm so confused. The invoice shows items at $14.64 CAD and $13.31 CAD it should show them as $14 and $12. Any thoughts? ~Catherine

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