Confused about pay times. Can you help me, please?

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Hi there!

I am just finishing setting up my first POD store and I am trying to understand the Shopify pay times in order to manage the cashflow properly.


So, here's the deal:

I live in Italy, I have a German Bank Account (N26), and I sell to USA.


Shopify help center says the pay times are connected to where the store Is based in the world: so is it related to where i live, where is my bank or where I sell to?

Which pay time I should rely on?

Italy: 4 business days;

Germany: 3 business days;

USA: 2 business days.


Thanks for your time,





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Dear Alessandro, 

I have pretty much the same problem, 

My store is located in Italy, my bank is German (N26) and I sell in Europe. 

How did you manage your problem? 


Thank you so much