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Credit Card Declined

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First of all, I would like to say I don't own a shop, I'm a client of a shop. The reason of my post is my credit card is being decline like I described earlier.

I'm trying to buy a product from a company that uses Shopify services. It will be an international purchase on my end since they are in the US and I'm not. We tried a large amount first and it was declined, after that we tried half of the amount, still declined so for the third time we tried below $1,000 and still didn't work. I call my bank to review why my card was being declined. While I was on the phone with them, they say that they can't see any attempts of the charges we tried earlier, I even ask them to double check the security protections and told them from where I was going to buy and how much i was going to spend. I waited a few hours before I tried again and it didn't go through, again. Next day in the morning I gave it one more shot and finally it did. I got charged for less than $1,000. I call the company and told them to charge the card again to complete the payment and it got declined again... We tried smaller amounts and it didn't work. I call my bank again and they told me they don't see any new attempts after payment it was already done. I even tried to make a payment while I was on the phone with the bank assistant and still they don't see the attempts. At this point I can only think its an issue on the company's end and they want me to try another credit card, which I would gladly do if not charges went through. The credit card I'm trying to use is an equivalent of an American Express Black but from my country. I can do very large amount payments daily without any issue. 

Is there any way I could try to finish this payment without changing credit cards? I can give more details like shop name, my country and amounts, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to do so. 


Thanks for you time, I really appreciate it. 

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