Customer uses Discount Code > Cart total $0 > Checkout fails to proceed due to "min. order" setting

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Hi guys, I need help with people using discount codes on my store.

Just for a bit of background we are using the Brooklyn theme. 

When customers use a discount code and it brings their cart down to $0, my "minimum order" setting (which I have set in Shipping & Delivery > Local Delivery) kicks in where no order will be allowed through under $75. We need to maintain a $75 min order as we offer free local delivery at this price or above.

Is there a way to allow 'discount code customers' to proceed to check out with a cart total of $0 whilst also maintaining the settings of total cart minimum order $75 for all other 'non discount code using customers'?

I have asked Shopify chat help and they said once you set up a firm minimum price within the native delivery feature you cannot add another minimum price for different customers.

They recommended 3rd party apps Local Delivery and Local Delivery Rate by Zipcode or Store Pickup + Delivery.

I wanted to know:

a) Does anyone had a work around for this issue with discount code customers without downloading an app?

b) Has anyone fixed this issue with one of the mentioned apps (or perhaps a different app altogether?)

Thanks so much in advance of any guidance provided!!



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