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Disable Shipping Rates from Multiple Locations

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Hey there,

My shipping rates are as follows: $4.99 Standard Shipping on orders $0.00 - $49.99 and Free Shipping on orders $50.00+. I have a few products I ship myself from my home and the other products are dropshipped from Spocket. I had a customer recently purchase 2 items (1 shipping from me, the other from Spocket) and their order was under $50 and as a result of the different ship locations they were double charged on the $4.99 Standard Shipping. How can I combine these rates so that doesn't happen? This seems like a decently basic feature to enable but I'm not sure. If this it not a feature then please heavily consider making it one because it seems a bit ridiculous on such a powerful UI like Shopify that even though there are multiple ship locations, you can't do a simple based on order price shipping rate for all products. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and hopefully not some app where I pay $10 just to have a blended ship rate.


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I have the same problem. 

A representative suggested these two apps:

However, I am looking for other options where I don't have to pay extra monthly for an app...