Disappointed with Shopify Shipping rates

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Shopify recently asked me to review the possibility to ship directly with Shopify

I must say, I'm disappointed with Shopify Canada Post shipping rates.  I'm under the regular plan, but even under the advanced plan, I can get better Canada Post rates elsewhere.

My biggest beef, if the oversize charge.  We regularly ship parcels that are 4"x 4" x 50", and Shopify charges an additional $12 which is the retail rate on over size charge.  This charge is a throwback to the days of manual sorting and handling, and is just a money grab.  These days boxes this size flow smoothly thru the system and does no involve any extra handling. Yes bulky items like TV's are a problem, but the girth oversize at 30" covers this off for these exceptions.

When dealing with Canada Post oversize charge is a negotiable rate with Canada Post.  When dealing with other carriers (which I'm not allowed to mention by name) I had these oversize fees reduced by 90%.  Imagine what a company like Shopify can do with its shipping volume.

I can't figure out if Shopify is skimming a large profit off of shipping, or if they are just bad at negotiating with Canada Post.

I would love to integrate my shipping with Shopify, but they either need to up there game, when it comes to negotiating shipping contracts (while at least with Canada Post)

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