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European warehouses - are products already declared through EU cusotms?

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I´ve searched for information regarding this topic bout haven´t found anything so I´ll take my chanches here. 

Many of the distributors on Oberlo seems to have warehouses both in China and in Europe. Am currently setting up a shop and planning to sell to European countries only. Hence I´m wondering if, normally, the asian distributors/producers on Oberlo, who have warehouses in Europe, have declared the products when shipping them to their European warehouses or if these warehouses typically are establised within EU economic free zones? 

This is of utter importance when regarding VAT and taxes, since if the warehouses are established in economic free zones and not declared through customs, our customers will have to pay import fees, customs etc. If the products that are shipped from the european warehouses are already declared through european customs, our cusotmer won´t have to pay any extra fees. 

Thankful for any answers to this as this is our biggest problem at the moment. 


Kind regards


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