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Exclude some products from Local Delivery option

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Hi there,


I run an alcohol delivery company, and we offer engraving on some products.

We offer same day delivery (delivered by us) on all our products - I have set this up as our Local Delivery option as we can only deliver to a 30km radius. 

However, our engraved items take 3 days to make - so we cannot offer local (same day) delivery on these...


Does anyone know how to exclude a product from the local delivery option?

I don't want a customer to order an engraved item and select same day delivery - only to be disappointed that there will be a 3 day delay.


All our deliveries are done by our staff - we do not use a courier at all - so I'm finding it difficult to set this up without having to install paid apps that will blow our budget.


Thanks in advance! 

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We have the same problem.

Made some seperate delivery profiles for the products I want to exclude but the local delivery option stays available.

Did you find a solution yet?

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No solution yet 😕 

I tried adding a separate location profile for the 'engraving' add on, which did exclude it from local delivery as i selected that location as not offering local delivery

but this then confused by normal shipping options and ended up double charging on the order, not really sure how to work around it 

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I just wanted to bump this (or ask if a solution has been found).

I am offering all but one product for local delivery (with four local delivery price zones).

The one product that is excluded from local delivery is available for free nationwide delivery.

I have everything working EXCEPT when someone within the local delivery catchment area orders the one item available for free nationwide delivery, they are able to choose from that OR a fee incurring local delivery.

How can I stop the local delivery option from being displayed?

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Unfortunately it requires are really advanced developer.

The cheapest quickest way we got around this problem was to implement an app BetterShipping (

You can isolate your shipping zones via postal codes for free or fee delivery.