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Extending payment capture window to 30-days

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Hi all,


As the situation continues to deteriorate I'm sure I am not the only one relying on Shopify now more than ever. We have run into a somewhat serious problem that I'm sure is going to impact many—if not most—stores within a week.


We are in California so our business has been forced to suspend physical operations, so we can't ship. However, we still want to be able to continue to operate our online store to the extent possible. The current payment authorization window is 7 days. That means if we can't ship the items within 7 days, the order will, effectively, be automatically cancelled. Right now we have no idea if it will be possible to actually ship items within this window.


That leaves us with only two options:

  • Capture payment on orders as they come in. This isn't great for customers. Their credit card gets charged but it's possible the item won't ship for a week or more. We can make these terms explicit and process refunds against this but it's a really bad customer experience for some people.
  • Switch payment capture to manual. This buys us 7 days, but in the event we can't ship on day 7 we have to either charge the card 7 days later for an item that still hasn't shipped (which seems even shadier), or let the authorization go and the order will cancel (which is a really bad customer experience for those who are willing to wait). 

I realize this might be outside of Shopify's direct control, as it seems like this has more to do with the credit card companies themselves, but I am asking the leadership at Shopify to work on a solution that might be able to extend the credit card authorization window to 30 days. 


And yes, I am aware of plugins and apps that allow for "preordering", but this is quite tricky to implement suddenly and isn't really a great solution for anyone. It's more confusing than anything else. Gift cards are probably a better hack than that, but that's also some very weird consumer messaging.

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I have a similar problem. Did you find a good solution?

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Following +m giving this a bump. I think this needs to be revisited by the Shopify admin. we need longer processing windows to be inventive and offer try-on boxes like Amazon Prime Wardrobe!