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Facing Issue with clients looking to use Paypal

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I have currently opened my first Shopify keep and added all of the fee strategies precisely as I changed into imagined to. However, while clients were attempting to test out with Paypal, it's miles taking them to the final step then redirecting with an mistakes code declining the sale and payment approach.

I had been in contact with Paypal about the problem however they seem to assume it's on Shopify's quit, however finding anybody to speak to from Shopify to assistance is next to not possible and extraordinarily irritating.

I have deactivated the Paypal and reactivated severa times. I even have tried it in an incognito window, I even have used/activated a own family individuals Paypal account alternatively and also used my trade Paypal account but the problem nonetheless persists regardless. I actually have trawled the network boards and tried all hints I have determined and nothing has worked.

The error code I am getting is: We're sorry we can not complete your purchase proper now.

My customers and I am in Australia and the use of Paypal Aus, the country selected is accurate in my settings and foreign money all being Australian. The other Credit card strategies all go through nice.

The url is:

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