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Hi everyone!

Today is my first time that I tried to make an order and fullfill it with Aliexpress...

When I checkout, it's showing in Shopify order one alert about Fraud Analysis, and I read a lot about the fraud alert, but I don't now what I should in this example? should I cancel my order? and why?

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Hi Sky!

Shopify has two classes of fraud risk checks. Medium (Orange) and High (Red). This looks to be a high-risk (red) notification. Shopify does not exactly publish why an order is flagged as fraud, but treat it as a red warning flag.

Shopify mentions that "Fraud recommendations are powered by machine learning algorithms that are trained on historical transactions across all Shopify stores. The recommendations give you the benefit of years of fraud detection experience. Shopify continuously improves these algorithms to better identify fraudulent orders."

Keep in mind that Shopify's system is not 100 full proof accurate as the system is known to miss classify orders. The best way to protect yourself is to be knowledgeable about your typical customer profile and demographic.

Shopify official documentation recommends you to try contact the customer via email or phone to see if they would respond to your inquiry. If the item is relatively a high-value item, then I would suggest you not go ahead and process the order and just cancel it and move on. Otherwise, you might want to try to send this item via signature confirmation required so that you at least have some protection in case you receive a chargeback.

Also, consider contacting your Payment gateway provider in case you receive a chargeback as each payment providers work differently. They should be able to tell you what additional steps to take as well.  If the customer paid using Paypal, then there is seller protection available as well depending on the type of fraud involved. Keep in mind that seller protection does not cover all cases of fraud. 


I hope this helps you. 

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