Fulfill orders when low on cash

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I'm pretty new to this and don't know for sure if this is the right section to write in but I give it a try.

I have just launched my store and started marketing, but I noticed a problem directly. For the moment Im quite low on cash and the problem is that if I get too many order I won't be able to pay the orders on Aliexpress though to the fact that it takes a while for me to receive the costumers money. 

Has this happend to any of you? And how would you solve this problem?

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Find a partner to run the shop together may bring you much more money invest in the dropshipping business.

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Hey, Jonas!

Many merchants are in the same boat, however, many choose to wait for the orders payout before fulfilling the order through Ali Express. There are times where this may not be an option, which is why saving the profits you gain from your starting orders to use to future orders would be suggested.

Another thing you could also consider is using cheaper marketing tactics or lowering your marketing budget to help cover the costs of your orders. If this is the route you'd like to go, then I'd recommend reviewing the following blogs: 

Hope that helps!

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Im having this same problem. When I get a order the money is drawn from my acct immediately. Is there a section in the settings where you can change that from happening. I go through printiful mainly. 

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I am sure you got an answer by now, but in case you haven't.  I understand your issue and am concerned with the same thing. But to answers your question, you can change your settings on most suppliers you're working with like Printful. I use them too and a few others.  There's a setting to change to manual fulfillment.  Sometimes it's hard to locate.. but it's there. Go into SETTINGS>ORDERS. You'll see it there.  I stipulated in my policies it wild take 2 days for me 1-2 days to process the order.  I hope that will give me some leeway . Hope this helps!