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I'm trying to set up the following scenario but can't figure out what would be the best approach to set this up in Shopify.


  • There is currently one online shop for US and EU.
  • The US warehouse and the EU warehouse both have their own stock.
  • The US warehouse only fulfills orders that are for the US and Canada but the EU warehouse fulfills all EU orders. 


I've been reading through the documentation regarding Shopify locations and that seems to be almost perfect. The only thing that seems to be missing is that you can not assign orders based on country to a specific location. As far as I can see this is only priority based. Working without location-based stock would mean that we have global stock and cannot show accurate if a product is available in the EU for example.


The quick-fix seems to be to create a US store and an EU store but I was wondering if there is anything possible to achieve this in one store?



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I can provide a bit more context with a hypothetical example of how I would like to set things up. Say I have a fulfillment Center in Vancouver operated by Company A and a fulfillment Center in Seattle operated by Company B. Company A and Company B are unrelated and do not talk to each other. What I would like to set up is a single Shopify site that sells to all of North America (Canada and US). When a customer makes a purchase, the single Shopify site would do the following during payment/checkout:

If Customer_Country = Canada
Send order to Vancouver fulfillment
ElseIf Customer_Country = US
Send order to Seattle fulfillment
Sorry, we do not ship to customer country

Instead, because I have not found a way to do this in Shopify on a single site, I have had to set up two separate Shopify sites with domains shop-ca.* and shop-us.*. In the hypothetical example, shop-us is connected to the Seattle fulfillment Center and shop-ca is connected to the Vancouver fulfillment Center. This was straight forward, but in doing this, several other technical challenges were created as listed in my previous post.

Some further progress I have determined - I have connected all apps/channels to the shop-us site as normal, since this site should get the most traffic. For the Drip connection, I will use Zapier to connect the shop-ca site to Drip as well to trigger each respective workflow. I will not have a FB Page, FB Messenger, or Apple Business Chat connection to the shop-ca site due to the limitation of only connecting one Shopify site to one FB Business account, and will have to find an alternate messaging method for customer’s to contact us. Google Merchant Center is setting up 2 separate sub-accounts, each to connect to one of the sites.

Thanks everyone for responding and sharing.
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hi @mccaly,


Thanks for your reply.


1) If you don't need to offer EU and US customers different shipping options / prices AND you are using the same fulfillment company for the EU and the US you could simply use one store for both, send the order to the FC and let them sort out which location should fulfill the order based on shipping address. 

So basically, there's no way to automate which Fulfillment center to use directly in Shopify based on customer location. It would be nice if Shopify gave us  more control over the FC priority. If one store can prioritize fulfillment centers based on inventory levels, I don't see why we can't have it prioritize based on customer address?

It also means, we can't modify a single store's products' prices based on location either?


2) Two separate stores (as you stated) - a bunch of our clients use this method successfully. However, they use 2 separate fulfillment companies (one in the US, on in the EU) so couldn't use option 1.

While many Shopify users do successfully set up multiple stores for the purposes of selling multi-nationally, as stated in the discussion above, this is not a path, I think, most of us want to go down. (So much manual configuration!) Does Shopify have any plans in the near future on actually releasing a more embedded feature for selling internationally without having to set up multiple stores? My company in particular is considering expanding our market to overseas, and it would be really helpful to know if Shopify will have more support in this in any way.

Thank you.

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Hey @jasperking ,


1) To confirm - I was meaning if you use the same fulfillment center company in both locations you wouldn't need to automate the sending of the order to a specific FC (although as you stated that would be nice). You could send all the orders to the Fulfillment company and they would act as a filter to which fulfillment center location to send the specific order to since all locations would be under their control.


2) Afraid you'd have to ask someone at Shopify directly about this one. Would be very interested to know myself. 

- Andrew
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I asked support about this and got this answer: 

Alright, so I've just heard back from our Shipping team and unfortunately this is not a native feature in our platform (not yet!), but there are many shipping apps that can help you do this. Shipping apps do require carrier calculated shipping to be enabled, which is currently not a feature on your plan. It can be added for $20/month though or if you switch to an annual Shopify subscription (you save $36/year) you will get this feature for free. Some of the app that allow you to do this are Better Shipping, Shipping Rules & Intuitive Shipping

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In response to this post and a few requests I have created Location Based Fulfillment which does exactly what is described in this post, you create rules which are made up of a Country that you want to route Orders from and the location (or fulfillment service) you want to route it to. It is currently awaiting approval to be included in the app store but it would be great if you guys could install it and try it out now. Its free to use until it's included in the app store.


To install it simply replace <shop_name> in the link below with the name of your shop.




Any questions please PM me

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I installed the app.  But wasn't clear to me how to select Amazon US FBA versus Amazon Canada FBA.  Does the app route to either Amazon Fulfillment based on country?
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You are heaven sent!!! Do not understand why Shopify can't easily add that feature... Just installed it. So far so good. Adding a new fulfillment center soon and will report back. Anyone else made any experience with this app, yet? 

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The app actually does not work. Is it based on Billing or shipping address? Setup all orders for certain country to go to App Location (our fulfilment in Germany). And it didnt do it. Is that because there is no stock there? Or simply because the app does not work? In the audit it says that it did match to the right location, but the order does not show it. 

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Hi @GhostApps, This is real nice. Instead of mark them to the right location only from your app side, do you think it's doable to edit order's location_id in real-time? Using Order API I guess. This is what, everybody's here, looking for I think :)


BTW it should be an action available with Shopify Flow, what do you think dear Shopify developers and managers? ;)



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Hi guys, I thought I would update based on the feedback from beta testers of the app.

Currently it only supports merchant managed locations and not fulfillment services due to limitations in Shopify's API, I'm hoping the new Edit Order API and FulfillmentOrder API may help but I'm not sure yet @Anna_Rauch1 @Paul78 .

@loicnosh_t it does update the order with the new location once fulfilled.

Please keep installing and testing it, I hope to be in the app store soon.