fulfillment based on country using locations

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I'm trying to set up the following scenario but can't figure out what would be the best approach to set this up in Shopify.


  • There is currently one online shop for US and EU.
  • The US warehouse and the EU warehouse both have their own stock.
  • The US warehouse only fulfills orders that are for the US and Canada but the EU warehouse fulfills all EU orders. 


I've been reading through the documentation regarding Shopify locations and that seems to be almost perfect. The only thing that seems to be missing is that you can not assign orders based on country to a specific location. As far as I can see this is only priority based. Working without location-based stock would mean that we have global stock and cannot show accurate if a product is available in the EU for example.


The quick-fix seems to be to create a US store and an EU store but I was wondering if there is anything possible to achieve this in one store?



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I'm pleased to announce Location Based Fulfillment (name needs some work I know) I now available in the App Store!


Please install it and check it out, let me know if you have any issues or features you would like to see



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Were you able to have the app route to FBA in 2 different countries?

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Can you tell me how stock levels will work? 



US Store has 400 of product A

CA Store has 0 of product B


Is this how it will work?

Customer goes to store, see's product, adds to cart, goes to check out and enters address. If customer enters a US address then all good. If customer enters a Canada address then he see's out of stock msg.


Is there a way to capture country when the first land in the store?

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Hi Everyone,


I can see a lot of Shopify store owners are facing this issue, and according to my research, unfortunately there is no reliable solution out there.

We are Shopify Expert, and I would be happy to look into building a custom solution for this :)




Before we jump on such project, I need to see how many store owners it will actually help.

Please provide with your vote / comment below, so we can see.



I look forward to hearing from you guys then :)





For FREE advice or projects, please email me directly on: hamza@xperteria.com
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Quick Update :)



We are glad to inform you all that we have developed a fairly simple solution for this.

It's still on testing mode, so if anyone wants to have a look, please feel free to ask for access.



  • On product page, customers will be able to select their location through a dropdown.
  • If stock is available in their location, they will be able to Add to cart, otherwise it will show Out of stock.
  • Admin can set location based inventory in your Shopify back-office.



Please let me know about your thoughts

If you think we can improve on it, please feel free to let me know J



For FREE advice or projects, please email me directly on: hamza@xperteria.com
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For my company we would be very interested.

Please let me know more details or test platform access.


Thank you.

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Hi Marco,

Thanks for your interest 🙂

Sure, I would be happy to setup an account for you.
Please let me know your email?

For FREE advice or projects, please email me directly on: hamza@xperteria.com
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Hi guys, just wanted to update you on Location Based Fulfillment https://apps.shopify.com/location-based-fulfillment

Thanks to new APIs that Shopify have released, it now can move orders between locations (i.e. warehouses) fully automatically as soon as the order is created or paid for.

Please check it out and let me know what you think, I really think this will solve a lot of people's problems with fulfillment in different countries.

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I was just looking into moving towards 3PL, thanks for the plugin I'll probably start using it soon!

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I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but to me it sounds like you are looking for functionality already built-in to Shopify. 


shipping profiles outline shipping rules for groups of products 



shipping zones outline which locations can deliver where and through what carrier/service levels. 



shipping profiles contain shipping zones so you have pretty specific control of how any given product is shipped. 

(Separate inventories per location is also built-in)

- I currently have a store that has my NY warehouse handling orders shipping to US locations, and my Toronto warehouse handling orders shipping to Canadian locations. 

- Additionally, I have certain products that are only shipping to US and others only shipping to Canada.


To note: You need to make sure your setup is correct otherwise Shopify will fall back onto its default fulfillment location priority. 

If warehouse A shouldn't send to Canada then make sure that the Shipping Zone created for warehouse A does NOT include canada as a destination because any overlaps in shipping zones between two locations will just fall back on fulfillment location priority.