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Fulfilment centres in USA

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We we are looking for a fulfilment service for storage + pick & pack for our products to be distributed in the USA. We are based in the UK and we are looking for a similar service to the one we have over in the USA.

Our products are shipped in from China, so a depot near the US cost would be easiest I imagine. Ideally we are looking for a smaller company we can work with reather than a chain like Shipwire as they are more accomodating when fixing the odd error etc, but all recomendations are appreciated.

Can anyone recomend anyone they work with or know of in the USA?

We'd also be interested if anyone can help with some domestic examples of shipping prices in the USA. Could anyone give us a rough guide of domestic shipping prices per kilo?

Any advice is welcome as it's our first stage of trying this in the US..

Many Thanks in advance


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Our platform is designed to help you find a erfect fit for your type of business. If you're looking for a smaller fulfillment company, we have partners in that area that can certainly help you reach your goals.  Go to our site and complete the form and we will get you connected right away.


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We have been using and they are Amazing. They use DHL Express (3-day shipping) for prices cheaper than US Postal services. Give them a try


Good luch