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Fulfilment from supplier (Not using Oberlo)

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Hi Everyone,

New to Shopify

I am dropshipping a particular product that is not integrated through Oberlo. So basically it is a custom/manual fulfilment, where I have set up an email address, which contains the order and customer details (shipping address etc).


However, the problem I am experiencing is that, if I am not ordering items directly through Oberlo/Alie-Express integration, but rather through manual fulfilment:


- How do I setup a payment to pay my supplier? 

-How does the supplier inform me of item fulfilment status (date shipped, tracking number etc) 


I know either of above can be done manually, where they send me an email, and then I can update the details into Shopify order page, but i'll rather not do things manually if there is some kind of fulfilment integration service that I can take advantage of?  For example, I am imagining an integration portal where supplier can click "Order Shipped", and it automatically talks to Shopify and triggers then order shipped email to my customer? 


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Based on your description I havent saw your sepecial requirements on fulfillment service. Once you choose supplier fulfill orders for you have you ever thought of they take advantage of your clients info to do 2nd purchase promotion? Then there's no 2nd purchase rates in your store, you will need to continually to pay high ad fee to get new clients.

If you have few orders just try oberlo, if you have more orders or more suppliers, try an order fulfillment agent like 86Deal instead of suppliers to help you fulfill orders, that's more professional and helpful for your dropshipping business.

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