Help! Order approval needed!

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Hey all,

So I have a client that does catering and he needs the ability to approve the purchase BEFORE the card is even run. Now I switch the payments to "manual" approve but that still puts the money in a "pending" state with the bank. The idea is his corporate clients can't have any money tied up in a "pending" state through the bank. And if you cancel an order, shopify doesn't return that money instantly. It can take up to 48 hours. That's a deal breaker.

Now is there a plugin or any other method that would work, or do I have to hire a coder to figure this out? PLEASE HELP!!

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Craig,

Mike here from Shopify. So if you are looking for something like a Purchase Order, or a pre-emptive invoice to be generated? Why not use the Drafts feature in the Shopify ADMIN? There you can create custom orders, set taxes, shipping etc. Also you have the ability to Mark as Pending (say if the corporate client wanted to pay with cheque), or if you had 30,60,90 day sort of scenario? You can also send out the invoice to an email, once approved and they can pay through an email link. Or even take the credit card over the phone as directed.


I believe creating the draft order (or invoice) will be your best solution. 


-Mike A.



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Hi Mike 

How can I by pass the approval process when cI capture manual payments because my clients have 30 60 and 90 day accounts. 

I'm loosing sales because customers tend to forget to approve my drafted orders.