Help - unique products in two locations - how to apply fixed shipping charge from each location

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Help - I'm new to Shopify and I've been searching and searching for the answer to this, but no luck.  I'm running a Charity art sale which opens on Tuesday and want to make sure we don't mess up the postage/shipping costs.


There are multiple unique items in two locations - if someone orders 2 items from location A (shipping costs £10) and 3 from location B (shipping costs £5) they will need to pay a total of £15 shipping.


I've set up shipping profiles for the two locations and added all the items for sale to the location they will ship from - is this all I need to do?  Will the total price be £15?  I don't want someone to order 2 from location A and be charged for each one (£20 total) and 3 from location B (3 x £5 =15) and be charged £35 instead of £15......


I can't test this as we have all sales turned off right now and will only make them live on Tuesday (I did have an expert help me, but he's on holiday this week so I only know how to make everything live, and not how to test and turn all sales off again!!).


Thanks so much!





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