Help with allowing customers to purchase out of stock items

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Hi i need help with the coding to allow customers to purchase items if they are out of stock and them to be notified... Can someone help me?

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Hi Jod,

Brian here from the Shopify support team.

You can let your customers buy your products when they are out of stock. You just need to choose the correct settings enabled on all of your products, and to track the inventory of each product.

Many of your products inventory is N/A (not available), which means the inventory is not being tracked. Take the "Isla dress" for example. This products inventory is N/A, so this is what you need to do -  

Once you follow those instructions, you will see that customers can purchase your out of stock items. 

I hope this helps you out :)

Kind regards,

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Can you please send through these instructions again on how to give customers the ability to order products online that are out of stock?


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Just check this box for each product you want to do that for:


Screenshot 2020-01-15 at 11.28.01.png

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Is the customer alerted when they are purchasing out of stock

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I can't believe how complex this is to solve...when out of stock allow customer to order the product. But obviously let them know they are ordering something that is backordered so to expect delays or anything. Only solution is to pay $4.99 a month with an app I have to learn. Super bummed. 

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what's the app called

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What am I missing here? This can't possibly be the default Shopify solution.

Obviously if the customer is buying something that's out of stock, they need to be informed before and/or after the order that the order will be taken and paid for but that it won't ship for X days or Y weeks. 

There has to be a way to set "sell out of stock items" and THEN add a customized message to customers AND an approximate number of days or weeks to ship.  


At checkout:

The item you have placed in your cart is currently out of stock. However you may go ahead and place your order. The item will be shipped to you in 4-6 weeks (or whatever)

After the order:

Thank very much for your order. The item you have purchased is being made to order for you (or on back order) and we expect to be able to ship it to you in 4-6 weeks. We will notify you if this timeline changes.

I mean, this is OBVIOUS, no?

I have searched Shopify help and I can't seem to find how to set this up. Logic tells me that Shopify must have incorporated this functionality somewhere. Please instruct me on where to find it.

Thank you.