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Help with Tap and Chip POS reader

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I purchased a tap and chip reader for use at in person event booths. I paired it to my iPhone XS and it worked perfectly. My beautiful 11 month old daughter shortly thereafter broke my phone and I got a replacement device (a new iPhone XS) from my insurance. It has been able to seamlessly pair to all of my Bluetooth devices again with the sole exception of my Tap and Chip reader.  The odd thing is the POS app will see the device and attempt to pair with it, but iOS does not see it ever. I have tried doing s factory reset, I have soft reset my phone, I have killed the app, ensbldd WiFi/Bluetooth, reset them both-all to no avail. I should also mention that I have factory reset the old device, so the reader should no longer be paired with it.

Please help.

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Same story here. Our new Tap + Chip reader is just 3 months old and already faulty. Chinese crap and absolutely unreliable. Lucky we still have our 5 year old Swipe and Chip reader which does just fine. Quality control seems to be a forgotten art which no company in the world is practicing any longer. So users become test rabbits.

We requested in new free of charge replacement for our card reader, which is already a replacement, but honestly, we do not have much hope the next new reader will do much better. Maybe humankind goes back to cash instead not working plastic 😞

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Has this issue been resolved yet?