How can a Canadian store best purchase and send return labels?

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I’m a Canadian shop. What is the best way to purchase and send a return label to a customer? I feel like I might need an app. Anyone have a good system?

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Hello! We're Atomic Returns, and we work with Canadian shippers through an account with EasyPost, Shipstation, or Shippo.  We're free to install and test out and have been told we have the best features for the money.  Some of our Canadian customers also require multiple languages and we support that too!   Hope you give us a try.

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Hi @Sarah_Walsh

You can check out the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app that allows you to generate return labels for all top carriers including Canada Post, DHL, UPS and many more. You can integrate your own Canada Post account, generate return labels for any of the orders, display the rates at checkout, print shipping labels and also automate shipment tracking. You can try the app with a 14-day free trial and contact the support for any assistance required.

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Hi Sarah, This is a question I have been trying to answer for my store for a couple years now.  I get very few return requests, which is great.  However, for this reason, when I do this problem comes up and remains unresolved.  I've had one client send my stuff to the wrong address, lost and no recourse because I am not the sender.  I've had one client pay a stupid amount of money for the shipping.. which I promised to refund.  So my experience with returns from the US has not been very good.  Have you found a good way to handle this?  Just being able to create and buy the label would work but this doesn't seem possible on the USPS site as a Canadian.