How can I adjust shipping rates for multiple items in one order?

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I created a custom shipping profile for one of my products ( ex. shipping rate = $10.00), however when I test it out at checkout by increasing the quantity from 1 to 2. The shipping rate remains at $10.00 - instead of a combined $20. At this rate, I'm taking a hit everytime someone orders a duplicate item - unless I include the shipping fee in the retail price. There must be a better fix for this.


Also, some suppliers sometimes charge a lower shipping rate for an additional item of the same type. This would complicate the idea of including shipping fees in the retail price. 


Please help.

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I've come across this same issue. I'd like to add another rate, or conditional pricing based on the number of same items. Not by weight or order price. So that when someone buys multiple of the same item, the shipping is adjusted. What is a good work around or fix to this issue? 

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Hello @amdepina,


In Shopify's flat rate shipping, you have the choice between Weight or Order prices, but unfortunately, there is no direct option to define rates based on Quantity.


As a workaround, you can experiment with a weight-based tiered system by assigning specific weights to each product and aligning these weights with your desired quantity-based shipping rates.


Alternatively, you may consider exploring apps that specialize in configuring quantity-based shipping rates.


If your order volume increases and you need more accurate shipping rates, I recommend looking into carrier-calculated rates rather than relying on a complex flat rate chart.

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