How can I automatically ship all orders USPS first class with a tracking number?

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I want all of my orders to ship USPS first class with a tracking number automatically included.  Is this possible?  I’m a little confused by all the shipping settings.

 What are the exact steps I need to do, to make every order, (I’m only shipping US at the moment) ship USPS, with a tracking number?


I purchased a test item from my shop, just to see how the shipping label process was, and I’m not even sure it was a USPS label.


basically I’m frustrated and confused, sorry and thanks in advance!

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Hey, @SjKelly!


I'm Lizzy, one of the Gurus on the support team at Shopify.


If you're based in the US, you can do this with Shopify Shipping! It sounds like you might have already tested out the option when you purchased a label in the admin. Would you like your customers to see this option as a calculated rate as well when they're checking out? If so, you will need to set up USPS calculated rates as your only shipping option. You can see how to do that here.


This page here breaks down the exact steps for doing that, and also includes a video!  Step six is the spot where you can choose the service you'd like to use. In this case, USPS.


I know you had mentioned you'd like to ship First class, however First Class Large Envelope (flat) package type won't include a tracking number. So if you're choosing that option, it won't be available. You can see more about the specific limitations for US based merchants here


If you do have a tracking number included in the label you've purchased, it will automatically be connected to the order when you buy the label!


I hope this helped to clear up the frustration a little. Please let me know if I can clarify the steps any further!


Other than this, how is your business set up going so far?


Thank you,

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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What if I want a set price for shipping, and not calculated?

I also, want every order to default to USPS first class shipping. 

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I'm sorry, it did not help.  I have been using shopify for some time and I always had the tracking on the label and it was sent to the customer via email.  Now there is no tracking number anywhere.

I use USPS.  Where did it go????

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Hey Lizzy -- I have a clarifying question for you. So, we are using Shopify Shipping for USPS and many people are choosing First Class normal envelopes, not Large. Does this also not get a tracking number? Or is the distinction between First Class Mail vs. First Class Package for a tracking number? 

Is USPS doesn't offer those services for First Class Mail, does it get tracked by Shopify? What are good third parties to use for tracking? 

It would be great to understand this better. Let me know, thanks!


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"USPS First Class Mail is the lowest-cost service for delivering letters weighing up to 3.5 ounces or large envelopes and packages weighing up to 13 ounces within 1 to 5 business days in the United States.

If you use First Class Package Service-Retail or First Class Package Service-Commercial, USPS shipment tracking is already included and you can check the shipment status in real time using the 18-digit USPS shipment tracking number you receive.

If you use USPS First Class Mail to mail postcards, letters, and flats, the USPS shipment tracking option isn't available. For sending/receiving USPS First Class Mail with tracking, you can select additional services such as Registered Mail to receive barcodes for scanning."


If the USPS First Class service you choose is eligible for tracking, you may use ParcelPanel. Our app has integrated with USPS tracking API to pull real-time tracking information to your store's order tracking page and store backend. Tens of thousands of Shopify merchants use ParcelPanel for USPS tracking.


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