How can I connect the Swish payment method on my website?

How can I connect the Swish payment method on my website?

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The popular payment method Swish in Sweden was earlier possible to use through QuickPay, but Shopify is no longer affiliated with the app. Is there another one possible to use instead?



Best regards, Filippa 

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I am using CartDNA Swish App, it is unstable.


I also been writing to shopify about this. That shops in Sweden needs swish since this is more or less the official payment method in Sweden.

Everyone else has this, soo if this is a big issue for you, you could always look at Swedish options like Quickbutik. I might be forced to migrate to Quickbutik this summer because i need Swish to work stable. But really would like to stay if shopify just could listen.



Eliaz F.

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Thank you Eliaz for your answer!


You are totally right, it is essential more or less. Really hope Spotify understand how serious it is so they don't lose customers...


Wish you a good day!

Best regards, Filippa

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Dear @aliaz- 

I'm From CartDNA, 
From the CartDNA Swish Shopify app point of view, we are trying our best to give the best experience to our Sweden Shopify merchants and their customers. we kindly request you to elaborate on your issue so we can see how we can assist you? thanks 

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