How can I contact GKsalokingcrab about my order?

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I placed an order with company above and have not received anything from them. I paid with a charge card.

Can you please advise, on how to locate this company about my order please?


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Gksalokingcrab Order Confirmed

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King Crab Legs Big Sale Today
1LBS(Free shipping) X 5
$29.90 USD
Subtotal $29.90 USD
Shipping $9.99 USD
Total $39.89 USD


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Hi @carolinemaki 


Thank you for sharing those details with us here. I understand you bought this item from a merchant you believe to be using the Shopify platform to host their business. Our support team is not able to review or manage orders on behalf of the merchants that use our software, so I recommend contacting the business directly for further support. 


Most businesses have a contact us page available, or you can reply back to your order confirmation email. 

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thank you for your response. I have done everything you suggested. They
do not have a contact number. . The only thing they have is an email
address and they do not respond. In their info they mention that they use
the SHOPIFY platform to sell their products. Thus the reason I contacted

I was hoping you could give me an additional way to contact this merchant,
as they are obviously a SCAM that has taken my money.

HELP please!

Caroline Maki

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If you paid with a credit card, you can contact your bank. I presume the deal was great and you would like whatever you purchased to be delivered but your only recourse here is likely with your bank.