How can I efficiently manage shipping profiles for different product ranges?

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Hi all,


We would like to find out if you guys have any suggestions on how to get around this.


We offer flat rate shipping in Australia - $5 for standard & $8.95 for express. 

Recently we added a new range of items that are heavyweight and can not be shipped with express shipping therefore we created a profile that they can only be sent with $5 standard shipping. However when customers get 2 items - 1 from the heavyweight category and another one from regular then they pay $10 combined. How do we get around this that they only pay $5?


2nd question is that we are wanting to start shipping to New Zealand and only offer $10 flat rate standard shipping (no express) + we can only sell 13 items of our whole range as they are not compatible with NZ sizing etc. Creating a new shipping profile doesn't allow to handpick the products we can ship to NZ.


We reached out to Shopify live chat and they said we have to get an app for these functions however before even paying for the app we need to activate the 3rd party shipping carrier options which costs another USD20 per month or we need to switch to an annual plan.


Is there a workaround? We don't have issues switching to yearly however adding app after app to have the basic features is just not great. Also, this recommended and highly reviewed Intuitive Shipping app still doesn't offer other desired features like an exchange and returns portal etc so this would be already another one we may need to add in the future.


Any help would be highly appreciated! 🙂


Thank you



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Hi @BMRaus 


When using multiple shipping profiles, if orders contain products from different profiles or locations, this will result in combined rates at the checkout. Currently, the only available workaround would be to use an app as already mentioned by Shopify members. If you are open to use any such apps I would suggest you to take a look at Multi Carrier Shipping Label app to set up more specific shipping rules. 

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Thank you so much for your reply!

That's alright. It is not ideal as mentioned earlier but it seems we just need to work with the available options 🙂


Thank you

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What is the name of the app to manage selling products from different Shipping profiles/rates?