How can I expand my shipping to worldwide from Greece?

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I just made our shop G & K Confid the week before.


We put products but I want to help me with the shipping


At the time all products which I have are from printful and we can send product only in Greece.


we want to sell products all over the world.


I put product from Ali express and if some customers try to buy they can't


Can you please help me with this problem?


Thank you

Giorgos Sokratous

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Hey @sokhellas 


Certainly! To expand your shipping options and sell products worldwide on your G & K Confid shop, you'll need to configure your shipping settings and consider using a fulfillment service that can handle international shipping. Here are the steps you can follow:


  1. Configure shipping zones: In your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery. Under "Shipping zones," make sure you have a shipping zone set up for Greece since you can already ship there. To enable worldwide shipping, you need to add additional shipping zones for other countries.

  2. Add shipping zones for other countries: Click on "Add shipping zone" and enter the name of the shipping zone (e.g., Worldwide, International). You can either select individual countries or regions or choose "Rest of the world" to include all countries not already listed in other shipping zones.

  3. Set up shipping rates: For each shipping zone, configure the shipping rates based on weight, price, or a combination of factors. You can set different rates for different countries or regions. Determine the rates based on the shipping carrier you'll be using for international shipping.

  4. Consider using a fulfillment service: Since you mentioned using Printful for your current products, you'll need to evaluate if they offer international fulfillment services. Check if Printful supports shipping products worldwide and if they have the option to fulfill orders outside of Greece. If not, you may need to find an alternative fulfillment service that can handle international shipping.

  5. Add products with international shipping options: If you want to sell products from AliExpress, you'll need to ensure that these products can be shipped internationally. When adding products, make sure the shipping options are correctly configured. You can set up a separate shipping profile for AliExpress products with worldwide shipping options.

  6. Test the checkout process: Once you've made the necessary changes to your shipping settings, proceed to test the checkout process with a product that is eligible for international shipping. Enter an address from a different country during the checkout process to ensure that the correct shipping options and rates are applied.


By following these steps, you should be able to expand your shipping options and sell products worldwide on your G & K Confid shop. It's essential to review and revise your shipping settings periodically to ensure accuracy and optimize your shipping strategy.


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