How can I find a high risk payment gateway for my UK CBD and supplement store?

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I'm waiting to launch a store here in the UK, website all set up, but I'm in need of a high risk payment gateway to take payments for vitamins, supplements and CBD products.


I'm a sole trader, not a registered company.


I have contacted 10+ high risk payment gateway providers and been rejected by all. Some same they only deal with registered companies, the ones specifically say they work with sole traders reject because of no sales history.


I'm starting to wonder how is one supposed to gain sales history, selling products that need a high risk payment gateway, but can't get one because of no sales history 🙄


Companies I've tried such as: Actopay, Decta, Bankful, VivaWallet, Pixxles, GoCardless, WorldNet, NoChx.


At this point now 5 days straight, I'm at the point of giving up. Or maybe just have the entire store based as direct bank transfer/invoicing.


Any help?

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You should be able to use Shopify Payments and regular gateways, no?

We have worked on supplement stores doing so in the past, although they were based in the USA but that shouldn't make a difference. Otherwise not sure, good luck!

Don't hesitate to reach out for more help with your store.
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"Although Shopify has support for stores that sell CBD, the Shopify payments system doesn’t support these products. Shopify Payments/Stripe, Square and Paypal are great for many sites, but when it comes to CBD sales, you need to get another Payment processor. 


To be able to sell CBD on Shopify, you must use payment gateways from third party payment processor."

For supplements and vitamins:

"We are unable to accept payments for pseudo pharmaceuticals (meaning any product that makes a health claim including things like supplements, vitamins, skin brighteners and whiteners, teeth whitening, skin peels, and lightening products, and products that contain hyaluronic acid, retinol, glycolic acid, kojic acid, vitamin C serums, and hydroxy acids), as outlined here: ( and"