How can I fix issues with refunds and automatic payouts on my e-commerce store?

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I am having an issue with issue with refunds and automatic payouts. Last week I did a test order for my store and for some reason even though I didn't set it this way the 3rd party app printful was for some reason set as rhe default and then grey'd out so I can't change it. (Separate issue) So in response to that failure I tried to refund the order. Inititally it seemed to go smoothly. I got a confirmation email that the refund was initiated and everything. As a few more days went by shopify payouts automatically tried to pay me out for the same order I refunded but since the order was refunded already it tried to give me a payout to my bank account with nothing in the account so now the account is negative. The refund was pending on my banks end for a few days since it takes about 10 days for the refund to finalize, but when I go back into shopify payments today it now says the refund failed even though its still pending on my banks side and on top of that my shopify balance account is shown to be negative by the product cost, essentially taking the amount from my shopify balance account twice for one refund. I need help fixing this so shopify doesn't try to pay me out automatically for orders I already refunded. Payouts to myself are the only part of this I want to do manually at the end of every month. If anyone could help me resolve this that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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