How can I get notified about high risk orders before processing?

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We have recently had two chargebacks from orders with a high risk of fraud. 

Is there a way to send a notification to me when such an order is placed so that I can respond, follow up and cancel order if needed? Ideally within Shopify settings that currently exist rather than having to purchase an app would be great



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Hi, @!

Chargebacks are an unfortunate circumstance to deal with in the world of ecommerce so we definitely want to help you have things in place to better protect your business.

We currently have a Fraud Analysis system that you have access to. The features of the Fraud Analysis are dependent on the plan you're on which you can read more about here. You'll be able to see these indicators if you go to -

  1. In your Shopify Admin, click on Orders.
  2. Click on the order in question and you'll see a Fraud Analysis section on the right hand side of your page. 

Usually when there is a high risk order, you'll see this highlighted in the orders page. We also have a help guide on Fraud Protection.

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@LizGolsby6 I don't think there's a way to do this within Shopify but I have a couple of ideas:

You can set up filters and order notifications to your email:
1) Assign your email to get order notifications

2) Identify information in an order notification email that indicates a risky order (I'm not sure what the email looks like, but if Shopify includes the risk analysis you could filter by a keyword there. If that's not possible, and you see a pattern with certain countries and fraudulent orders, you could filter by those countries).

3) Create a filter in your email software to auto-mark as read any emails from the order notification address that do not contain the information from step 2.

4) Now you can have these risky order emails in your inbox, and by auto marking read the non-risky orders, you prevent a bunch of unread order confirmation emails in your inbox.

You can use an app:
If that doesn't work well for you, a feature of the Order Automator app is to identify orders Shopify deems high or medium risk, and then either cancel them or get a notification with a link to the order so you can take swift action. This could free up your time spent manually checking if orders are risky.


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