How can I link my Payoneer account to my payment method on Shopify?

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I have Payoneer account and I can't connect my payoneer account with shopify payment method.

Who can I connect payoneer with shopify payment method


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Hi @Hebatullah I can be able to help you in this situation, but before that I have a question.


Did you have a stripe account with you or not? Because it will be important as without stripe it is very hard to get your payouts in Payoneer.


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Hi @Hebatullah 


Welcome to Shopify! Thanks for reaching out here in the Community for assistance.


I understand that you are hoping to use Payoneer on your store. I would be happy to provide some information for you here.


For context, the payment providers that you can use on your store will depend on your stores' location. If Payoneer is available where you store is located, then you technically should be able to use it to accept payments on your store. You can use this link here to enter in your location, and it will display a full list of all third-party payment providers that you can choose from.


We have some resources here on our help center that explain how to set up a third-party payment gateway. While we can certainly provide advice and general assistance here, for gateway-specific questions or to inquire about obtaining an account with a provider, it would be best to contact the provider directly as they will be best equipped to help!


You also mentioned the Shopify Payments method - if you are in a region where Shopify Payments is supported, then you may be able to use that instead of having to choose a third-party payment provider. This comes with some great benefits, so feel free to check that out here.


Is this your first time using Shopify? We have an excellent in-depth tutorial video here on our YouTube channel that I would highly recommend checking out!


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