How can I link specific payment methods to shipping options at checkout?

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At checkout after the customer enters his personal details the customer is prompted to select shipping method in the next step


here I offer two shipping methods:

1. Free Shipping (Prepaid orders only)

2. Cash on Delivery (COD)


if the customer selects COD..only COD should be shown at final payment method



(this screenshot is from another store)


if customer selects Prepaid..only PayU (my payment gateway) should be shown at the final step


(this screenshot is from another store)


NOW..Here is where I have a problem in my store


regardless of which shipping method I select..both COD and Prepaid payment options are showing up at final step of my store



  (this screenshot is from my store)


How do I fix this? I want


ONLY Cash on delivery payment  to show when cash on delivery shipping method is selected


ONLY PayU (My prepaid payment gateway) payment to show when prepaid shipping method is selected

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Hello  @catlove 


This is not directly possible in Shopify's settings, but you can do it by using our app Releasit Cash On Delivery that you can install for free from the Shopify App Store here:


We have an option on the app that allows you to show COD only if the customer selected your COD shipping rate, and if the customer selects Free shipping he will see only prepaid payment options like PayU. The option on the app can be found in the Fee settings page here:




If you don't see this option on the app you can contact me form the app and we will be happy to assist you!


The app is completely free to install and works on all Shopify plans and we also offer 24/7 support, so if you have any questions or you need help feel free to contact us from there!


I hope this helps you!


Marco from Releasit

Install Releasit Cash On Delivery for free here:
Add a fee to Cash on Delivery and limit COD based on any condition (order total, location, products, collections, etc.)