How can I make the Order Summary visible on mobile view at checkout?

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ONLY ON MOBILE VIEW - When a customer enters a product into the cart and a discount code is applied (or needs to be applied) then the customer proceeds to checkout, the “Gift card or discount code” box is automatically hidden. 

This is obviously due to the “Order Summary” being automatically hidden on mobile view. (I can’t attach images due to .jpg not being supported. Seriously?). 

I get a lot of customers questioning how to add their discount code, or if their code has been applied?, plus I have no doubt I am losing a lot of customers due to this information being hidden and causing confusion. 

is there anyway I can have the Order Summary automatically visible at checkout on the mobile view so customers can be assured their discount code has / can be applied? 

using Symmetry theme however same issue with my other store using Dawn theme. 

Many thanks. 

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I am having the same issue and need to know how to fix it too. I believe it is also impacting my sales. 

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Hi, I have found this under another title which solved the issue. I hope that helps you

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Recapping the accepted solution from the other thread here, but hopefully with some extra clarity. Note that it is a workaround solution, and I hope Shopify will provide merchants a more robust option to toggle between hiding and expanding order summary on mobile devices by default. 


Here are the steps to implement the quick-fix till then:


Go to Settings > Checkout > Manage Checkout Language > Checkout Order Summary > Expand order summary.


Now in the text field, instead of the default system language in Shopify that reads, "Expand order summary", personalize the text to "Apply Discount Code" (or something that will make your customers know clearly that they can add discount by clicking on this link). See screenshot at end.


Hope it helps.



Puneet Khunger




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I would really like a solution for this too.