How can I optimize the pre-order fulfillment process in Shopify?

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I'm looking to revamp our order fulfillment process. Currently, we take pre-orders through our site using the "Pre-Order Now WOD" app and ShipStation. Orders are currently sent to ShipStation, where products in pre-order status are tagged, and orders containing pre-orders are split into two shipments to be processed with the pre-order items arrive. However, we are trying to move away from ShipStation to take advantage of Shopify's native shipping rates, which are much cheaper. (We have been told in the past that we cannot import Shopify's cheaper rates into ShipStation—if you know of a way to do this, I'm open to that as a solution as well!)


While working on this potential new process, pre-orders are giving me some trouble. Ideally, I would like to have orders that contain pre-order items split into their own order that can be filtered on the orders screen with a tag and shipping method so our warehouse (we do our own fulfillment) can process them in bulk. I'm running into a number of problems with this. 


I tried doing this with the SplitOrder app for Shopify, which ALMOST works. The problem I'm finding is that if I allow the app to make two new orders when an order contains a pre-order, a custom app we use to import orders into our accounting software understands that as a second purchase of a book. For example:


A customer purchases two products, A and B, with B being in pre-order status. Shopify creates the order, which contains product A and B. SplitOrder then splits the order into two orders, one containing A and one containing B. However, our accounting software understands that to mean that one order containing A and B went through, as well as an order containing just B.

If I use SplitOrder's other function, which splits a single order into two different statuses within that order—the in-stock item listed as "unfulfilled" and the pre-order item listed as "fulfillment in progress"—my idea of using order tags to sort the orders in Shopify for the warehouse to print in bulk does not work, because the order tag applies to the entire order. Therefore, the non-pre-order item does not show up to be fulfilled. If I try to print a shipping label from the orders screen, I get an error message stating that there are no items to be fulfilled.


The least complicated solution here (aside from sticking with our existing ShipStation method) is to manually tag and untag orders, but our order volume is too high to accomplish this. I have also tried looking into Order Fulfillment Guru, but the idea of adding another fulfillment location specifically for pre-orders gave me pause. If you've used OFG and it sounds like it would solve my problem(s), please feel free to let me know!


I'm looking for any help in the following:

  • A way to bypass the SplitOrder issue that makes our accounting software register split orders as two purchases of the same product
  • A way to make orders containing product in two different stages of fulfillment appear in order filters
  • A way to bulk print shipping labels for only those products that are ready to ship, even if there is another product in the order

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello! Having the same challenge with SplitOrder generating multiple orders and then triggering duplicate orders in our CRM (Klaviyo). Did you find any solution here?

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Unfortunately, no. Our best solution at this point is adding a feature to the app we use to import orders into our accounting software to process them better, but we haven't been able to do that yet.