How can I redirect customers to a different store at checkout?

How can I redirect customers to a different store at checkout?

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Hi, I have a question.


I own two Shopify stores. Let's call them A and B.


I would like to sell on B all the products I'm selling in A too.

I would like to keep the A store online, with (possibly) this behavior:

- Users that navigate in A, stays in A until the checkout where they're redirected to B (to maintain one only accounting, vat position and so son) to complete the purchase.

- Users that navigate in A, stays in A until the checkout, they complete the checkout in A but the order would go into B history, invoices, and so on.


Is this possible by any way?

Thank you!

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Hi @giacomopasquali You need a heavy theme customization and backend automation and store sync.


For the cross store cart/checkout you would either use buy-buttons embedding B on A 


Or generate draft orders on B from A. 


Mechanic can also help with the order-history-sync, though for order sync there are plenty of dedicated order sync apps for that.


All in tandem with theme customization to facilitate that.

Also be aware of the UX and conversion issue of needing clear messaging that your sending customers to a different domain for checkout.


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Hi @giacomopasquali 


I don't recommend to sync data from store A to store B.


This will create unnecessary data and conflict between stores as order can be sync if product is their.


Therefore you have to sync A product too which will show the product in store A too. Which I think is unnecessary because you might not want to show those product on another store.


Since you need all order data for accounting purposes only.


My recommendation would be to go for a custom APP which will show the orders of both store at one places.


You can place filter and states to meet your specific requirements.


Hope this will help...

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