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How can I resolve a stuck order issue?

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Good morning,
I have an order that has been shipped, but I cannot enter the Add tracking code anywhere.
This order is completely stuck, I cannot change the status, I cannot sent e-mails, I can't do anything with it, only archive it.
The customer already contacted me about the status. My Settings > Checkout are set to the settings in the screenshot.
What am I doing wrong? This is very frustrating, because I have to send emails by hand to my customers.
edit: apparantely this site doesnt accept jpeg OR png so cannot add screenshots. Jeeez.
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Never mind, I finally figured it out; the item that was sold was somehow deleted from the order so the order couldnt be fulfilled, it needed to be re added by hand. :rolleyes:

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Hey there, @knushus. Thanks for coming to the Shopify Community today with your question. It's great to meet you, and I hope to be able to help you out with this order situation you've got going on! 


This is certainly an odd situation you've run into. I actually have a few questions I'd like to ask to determine the next best steps for us to take here to get this resolved. 


  • How was this order created? Is it a draft order? Was this created by the customer via your online checkout?
  • Did you fulfil this order yourself? Or, are you using a third party to handle your shipping? Are you drop-shipping? 
  • Have you spoken to the shipping carrier regarding the shipment at all? In terms of updates, this may help you provide info to this particular customer
  • Has this happened in the past? Or, is this the first time this has occurred in your store? 

Please, when you can, follow up with me here with answer to the above questions. Once I have that information, we should be able to determine some next best steps to take! 

Imogen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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