How can I set staff order notifications by location?

How can I set staff order notifications by location?

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Sorry I have found a couple of older questions about this, but no solution.

I have 2 locations fulfilling online orders, but I am unable to select a location when adding a 'Staff order notification' — it is set to 'All' by default, with no option to change.

The Help article says: If you want to create notifications for orders from a particular POS location or from the web, then select a location from the list. You can select All to create notifications for all orders. To add notifications for more than one specific location, you need to create them as separate order notifications.

Both locations are set to 'Fulfill online orders from this location'. Is there a setting I've missed, or is it only able to seperate 'all online orders' and POS locations?

I really need order notifications to be sent to the respective locations. Any advice appreciated, thank you! 🙂


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I don't think there's a way to do it in Shopify settings, but I have a couple ideas:

A) You could have them go to 1 email address, then in that email address set up filters so if the email contains "some text related to the location", then auto forward that to the appropriate staff member.

B) If that's not feasible, you can use Order Automator app to detect the location of orders (or any other condition really) and then send a notification to any address, with the order details. You can create as many rules / notifications as you want.

If you decide to go route B and need any help feel free to give me a shout (either here or through my team in the app). My team built that app, so we can customize it if it doesn't work exactly how you'd like out of the box.

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Apologies on going on an old post, but "the email contains "some text related to the location" does anyone know the liquid variable for location name. Tks! 

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I've been notified by support this feature isn't available, and have asked them to pass it on to the merchant frustration team. It would benefit a lot of businesses.

After checking a few apps nothing seems to work based on stock location (only by product or customer location).

E.g. If one of our products is out of stock in Melbourne, but in stock in Sydney, Sydney should receive the order notification. Since you can already filter orders by fulfilment location in Shopify admin, adding a setting to the notifications hopefully wouldn't be that difficult.

I think if offering multiple locations, Shopify needs to find a solution for this. But for now I think I’ll try and work something out using email filtering!

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Such a simple function, why can't Shopify allow us to let one of our fulfillment locations know when there's a new order that they need to process? It shouldn't require a paid app for something this basic.