How can I split orders for different shipping methods on the same order?

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I'm trying to figure out a shipping issue and hoping someone can assist. Right now, I have 2 products that are my primary sellers. One is very large and due to the weights and dims (Product A), must ship UPS Ground. The other product (Product B) is less than 13 ounces and qualifies for USPS 1st Class mail. Due to manufacturing reasons, these two items must ship in separate packages.

My shopify store is connected to my distributor. If a customer orders Product A and B, both of them are shipping UPS Ground in 2 different boxes (2 different tracking #'s).

Since both products appear on 1 Shopify order, my 3PL sees 1 ship method which is always UPS Ground due to Product A's size. 

What I would like to do, is when Product A and B are on the same order, Product A goes out UPS and Product B goes USPS. In order to do this, Shopify would have to split the order into 2 orders with different ship methods before sending to my distribution center. 

Is this something that is possible within Shopify? If so, how? Anyone else run into this type of issue and solved for it? Appreciate the help!

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Hi @DogsandCats ,


One way you can split the order is by stocking the apps in separate Shopify locations. However, you can also try using Order Fulfillment Guru to automatically split orders into suborders, in addition to these key features:


- Split & auto-assign orders to locations & fulfillment partners based on advanced rules
- Automatically split & route orders to warehouses & partners
- Sync products, inventory, and orders between Shopify stores
- Built exclusively for Shopify, so you can use Shopify instead of a learning new platform