How can I switch my online store's currency from shekels to dollars?

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Hello, I apologize for my English..

I opened an online site and by mistake I set the site on shekels instead of dollars. I had my first sale. A friend bought a pair of socks that I designed. I want to sell to the whole world but unfortunately I can't change. can you please help me.

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Hi, @kseniya1d!


I understand that you wish to switch your store's currency from Shekels to Dollars. I'd be more than happy to provide you with the next steps. This setting is locked and can only be unlocked by one of our agents on our support team.


When it comes to switching your store's currency there are a few things to consider, could you please read through the following points:


  • Reporting: Switching between currencies can affect the accuracy of your reports, as our reporting system does not take into account the currency exchange rate. This may lead to discrepancies in your reports.

  • Product PricingIt's important to note that the value of a product price can vary depending on the currency used, which can impact your margins. For example $20 CAD is not equal to $20 USD, is not equal to €20 etc.  (Refunds processed after a currency change will also be affected by the currency change).

  • Third Party Apps: Certain apps may have restrictions or limitations when it comes to changing your selling currency. Before making any changes, it's recommended that you reach out to your app developers to clarify any potential limitations or issues that may arise.
  •  Gift Cards: Please note that any gift cards with remaining balances in the previous selling currency will no longer be valid once the store's selling currency has been updated.

  • Shipping Rates: Any shipping rates for your store will remain in the previous currency and will not update automatically after a currency change. To update your shipping rates to the new currency, you will need to manually delete the previous rates and add them back in with the new currency. 

  • Currency Rules: If you currently offer a currency as an option with a manual FX rate and rounding rules setup, those settings will be locked if you make that your new currency. You will need to revert that currency back to automatic FX rates and no rounding rules before changing the selling currency.

  • Shopify Markets: Changing your store currency will also change your primary market, as it is determined by the store currency. For instance, if your store currency is set to CAD and you change it to USD, your primary market will be updated to the United States.


If you are still happy to proceed with the changes after acknowledging the above, then please reach out to our live support  at this page and one of our agents can make this change on your behalf!


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Maz | Social Care @ Shopify 
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