How can I switch my store currency from ZAR to USD for PayPal support?

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I need to change the currency on my store from ZAR to USD. I created a "test order" and now need to contact support to change, so I can accept PayPal payments. The ZAR is not supported by PayPal.

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Good day, @aaliyahbackup1! We certainly can help you with changing your currency. We’ll need to access your account in order to do so. While we’re not able to provide account-specific support via the Shopify Community at this time, we’d be happy to continue assisting you through live chat, email, or callback. Please visit the Help Center and log in to your account to create a support request.


Since this is the next step, I've marked this reply as the solution for the benefit of others who may discover this topic. Thanks!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.