How can I track my customer's order status?

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I want to know my customer's order is on the way to them or not?

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Hi @Rushikesh42 ,

Do you mean you need to monitor the delivery progress of orders? If so, consider using an order tracking app to achieve automation. You can do so with ParcelPanel, the most popular order tracking app among Shopify merchants. Our solution is trusted by over 40,000 Shopify merchants

ParcelPanel seamlessly integrates with over 1,090 couriers around the world to update you and your customers on real-time tracking information. You can access the real-time shipment statuses on the centralized dashboard, easily find orders that require your attention and draw actionable insights from powerful analytics.

More importantly, with ParcelPanel, your customers will actively return to your Shopify store to check the order status instead of asking you. ParcelPanel will automatically generate an order tracking page that perfectly fits your branding. This is how it looks in the ParcelPanel Demo Store.

Your customers can enter the order number and email or the tracking number they've received. 


You can easily customize the tracking page through the backend, for example, hiding the carrier name and logo so that your tracking page will be the only source for package tracking. If you need any help, our free expert service is always available.



You just need to put the link in the navigation menu to raise your customers' awareness. If you need exposure more than that, we also allow you to add/replace order tracking links on your Thank You page (the page appears after successful payment) and Order Status page.

We would like to offer an extended free trial that lasts 30 days to you, so that you can take your time to try ParcelPanel's features that interest you. Make sure to use this link for the installation. 


Best Wishes,

ParcelPanel Team

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