How can I use Klarna pay later with multiple currencies in my online store?

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We have a shop with multiple markets in multiple currencies. We also offer Klarna - pay later as a payment method. But Shopify converts orders made in alternative currencies back to the main currency. The order is then denied by klarna pay later as they only accept orders in the native currency of the customer. 


Are there any solutions for this problem?


I read this article:

It mentions that you can receive payouts in native market currencies if you add a bank account in said currency and the order wont be converted in the stores main currency. But would that also be the solution here?


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Hi, have you found a solution for this? Also struggling with the same problem.

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Shopify limits Klarna payments as an alternative payment method, the same for all alternative payments methods, to always transact only in the store’s single base currency, as documented in this Shopify help article. Even if the store displays prices in multiple currencies, including in checkout or using Shopify Markets, Shopify will update the order's currency to the store's single base currency when redirecting to the alternative payment provider.