How can I win a chargeback dispute with clear evidence?

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hey need some help. When I get a chargeback I respond and provide all the details, but I've never had one decided in my favor. I know the game is rigged in favor of the customer, because the bank could careless if I get frustrated as I'm not their customer thats earning them money, but I the last two I lost, I just can't understand how.


First one I just lost:

Customer ordered a digital license key for a piece of software. He calls me, and I speak to him on the phone and email him the code. 3 day later, he files a chargeback saying Item not received. I respond by showing them the email, I sent the customer with the key. I also show a PDF showing that the license key I emailed is in use and registered to the same customer. It shows when it was last used, and what it was used for. All showing use after he filed the chargeback. I highlighted those sections and explained what they meant.

I still lost the chargeback


Second one:

Customer texts me though my store chat saying he got the wrong item. Sending my photos of the item he received. After review it ends up he ordered the wrong item. I explained to the customer they would have to pay return shipping, and potentially a 20% restocking, but I could get that waived. If they wanted to keep the item, they could and I would give them a discount on the correct item. he agreed to keep the item and bought the correct item he needed. Then he filed a chargeback for receiving a damaged Item.

In my chargeback response, I outlined all this and provided screenshots of my conversation with the customer where they agreed to keep the item. I also included the photos the customer sent me of the item, showing it was not damaged and that the customer never said anything in our conversations about it being damaged. I still lost the chargeback.


What can I do? Is there a way I can call the bank and escalate this? These seem like pretty blatant acts of fraud.

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