How can I win chargebacks for high-value items?

How can I win chargebacks for high-value items?

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I've read every thread I can find here about losing chargebacks but I must be missing a better solution? Hoping the community can help me out.


We sell $1000+ items daily and have just lost yet another chargeback with full proof that:
1) the order was not flagged as fraudulent in any way. Normal order using a credit card.

2) the order was fulfilled in a timely manner and delivery was confirmed.

3) the customer even confirmed they received the item via our website chat, asking about additional accessories.


3-4 weeks later we received the chargeback. No replies from the customer. Just an obvious money grab. Even with screenshots of everything confirming it was delivered and confirmed by the customer himself, we lost with no explanation. All that being said, it's obvious we (as the seller) will never win a chargeback.


Has anyone added a 3rd party app (they are happy with) to help recoup these types of fraud?

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Thats disgraceful. We have just received a chargeback for a similar situation and I am not confident of winning based on the comments here.